This was a project of a lifetime. Collaborating with the amazing team at Obscura Digital as well as director Louie Psihoyos and numerous Nation Geographic photographers and videographers. We were tasked to create a dynamic environmental call to action The final piece was projection mapped onto the UN headquarters in NY during The Peoples Climate March of 2014. More info below... 
On top of that Obscura modified a Tesla with a high powered robotic projection system, electroluminescent paint and a flir camera for covert / subversive operations.
Obscura collaborated with Academy Award-winning director Louie Psihoyos of the Oceanic Preservation Society and Insurgent Media to create the panoramic video projection on the facades of the UN buildings. Titled “illUmiNations: Protecting our Planet”, the show kicked off the Summit with arresting visuals of the natural world, the effect of human enterprise on the environment, and the ongoing extinction of species. The facades of the General Assembly and Secretariat buildings were illuminated with spectacular imagery and animations, which culminated in a call for global solutions. 
“There’s no bigger billboard on the planet,” observed Academy Award-winning producer Fisher Stevens. Ban Ki-moon reinforced the need for action by saying, “These exceptional projections… will help draw attention to the need to make climate action a reality in every community and every society. Now is the time to take decisive action.”   

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